Let’s Get Geektastic (#1)

In this episode, I talk about what it means to be a geek, the difference between geeks and nerds, and a little bit about geek culture. Show Notes Evermore https://evermore.com/ Today I Found It, “Where the words ‘Geek’ and ‘Nerd’ came from” http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/09/where-the-words-geek-and-nerd-came-from/ Computer Hope, “Geek” https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/g/geek.htm Wired, “Great Geek Debates: ‘Geek’ vs ‘Nerd’” https://www.wired.com/2009/07/great-geek-debates-geek-vs-nerd/ Grammarist, “Nerd, dork, or geek” https://grammarist.com/interesting-words/nerd-dork-or-geek/ Slackpropogation, “On ‘Geek’ Versus ‘Nerd’” https://slackprop.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/on-geek-versus-nerd/ Battlefieldsports.com, “It’s [...]