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D&D Player’s Handbook Chapter 5 (#11)

Show Notes In this episode I’m going to talk a about Chapter 5 of the Player’s handbook which deals with equipment and expenses that your character has to manage. Equipment can be a bit challenging sometimes, but hopefully I’ll help shed some light on the subject. What The Geek! Dune Official Main Trailer Nerds Candy with 7 custom D&D adventures The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers season 2 (Tom’s Guide): [...]

2021-09-15T15:04:41-07:00September 12th, 2021|

D&D Player’s Handbook Chapter 4 (#10)

Show Notes In this podcast going to talk about Chapter 4 of the Player’s Handbook which describes how to build your character’s background and personality. If you’re starting on this podcast, I suggest going back and listening to episodes 6 through 9 to get caught up. What The Geek! Owen Wilson joins the MCU: Lord of the Rings Anime: What if ‘Sweet Tooth’ Was real Life: Show Links [...]

2021-09-15T15:05:13-07:00June 11th, 2021|

D&D Player’s Handbook Chapter 3 (#9)

Show Notes I’ve been discussing the Player’s Handbook which is one of the three core rulebooks of Dungeons and Dragons or as we like to call it D&D. If you’d like to get caught up, check out Episode #6 for a quick intro to D&D, Episode #7 is from Chapter 1 of the PHB and discusses the process of creating a character and getting started, and Episode #8 talks about Chapter [...]

2021-09-15T15:05:47-07:00May 30th, 2021|

D&D Player’s Handbook Chapter 2 (#8)

Show Notes Learn a little more about the Player’s Handbook and the different core races, I also throw in four non-standard races that are fun and unique. Our Links Send us an email or visit our social media: Visit our podcasts: Support our podcast: Leave me a voicemail and I’ll play it on my show: Credits Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers - [...]

2021-09-15T15:06:12-07:00April 10th, 2021|

D&D Player’s Handbook Chapter 1 (#7)

Show Notes Join me while we delve into the wonderful world of D&D and the famed Player’s Handbook. Starting with Chapter 1 where we discuss basic character creation and what we need to know for good role play as you devise your first (or next) character. Fantasy Name Generator:   Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers -

2021-09-15T15:06:33-07:00February 11th, 2021|

Introducing Dungeons & Dragons (#6)

Show Notes This is a short episode to do a brief introduction into the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. We’ll talk about what D&D is, a brief history of D&D, as well as how to get started. Things mentioned in the show Geek & Sundry Satanic Panic Articles: 60 Minutes “Is Dungeons and Dragons Evil?”: Critical Role Handbooker Helper Videos: Critical Role YouTube Videos: Critical Role [...]

2021-09-15T15:06:55-07:00February 6th, 2021|

Welcome to Alverion!

The world of Alverion is a diverse and wonderful place, filled with a variety of races and religions. But worlds that have so many different types of creatures, often lives in disharmony and conflict.  The races have survived a great war of good and evil, where the Dragons fought for the soul of the world. Goblins, Orcs, and other nefarious races were organized and armed by a dark Queen while the races of [...]

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