The world of Alverion is a diverse and wonderful place, filled with a variety of races and religions. But worlds that have so many different types of creatures, often lives in disharmony and conflict. 

The races have survived a great war of good and evil, where the Dragons fought for the soul of the world. Goblins, Orcs, and other nefarious races were organized and armed by a dark Queen while the races of man, elves, and dwarves were brought together by the Platinum Dragon. Many mortals periled because of this god-like conflict, and as a result the gods were banished from this plane save for a shadow of themselves, just enough power to provide divine support to their followers but never allowed to touch foot on Alverion again. 

1,317 years have passed and you now live in a world where Dragons are things of legend. None have been seen in over a thousand years. The pantheon is believed to be made of Dragons that ascended to immortality after gaining incredible godly powers and destroying their own creators in order to save the world. However the pantheon is broken into the primary three alignments of good, neutrality, and evil. 

Though very rare, there are Dragonborn that exist in the world still, hatched from eggs blessed by the dragon gods themselves. They once made up a significant population in Alverion and legend tells that this race was created by the dragons to do their bidding. Dragonborn are a noble and proud race, but very few in numbers now, and they often live in small populations away from other races. Doomed to eventually pass into legend themselves, those who still roam this world generally wish to do so in solitude. 

The main continent of Alverion is Sonke, and it houses many races and nations including Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Elves. There are also subraces like Orc and Goblins, but they are more often found in more remote areas and don’t really have a centralized governing body. Halfings live on their own continent which is more of a large island. 

Welcome to the world of Alvarion!

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